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‘THE HUMBLE HANGER’ – Collaboration with Artist Rachel Howard

The Simplicity of the Humble Hanger is beautiful : A few bends and a couple of twists..

The Humble hanger is a celebration of the overlooked and commonplace, its function is taken for granted whereas here the humble hanger is honouring the workaday, elevated to something more grand. The simplicity of the wire hanger is beautiful; a few bends and a couple of twists. The humble hanger is also an object that eludes to the human body, eliciting perhaps loss, absence and love.

The Humble Hanger” will be officially launching in September 2015 to coincide with London Fashion Week & Frieze Art Fair.


Limited editions of 50: “The Humble Hanger”

A Special Limited edition of 18 carat gold ?Hanger? pendants are available in yellow and rose. These highly desirable pendants come with an engraved tag and are signed and numbered. (editions of 50)







Art Quarterly | Winter 2015The Humble hanger designed and created by artist Rachel Howard receives an worthy write up in the Winter edition of Art Quarterly 2015

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